Can I cancel my non-refundable or free cancellation expired booking?

Changes happen. Here are some points to note about cancellation conditions.

  1. Non-refundable booking (full cancellation fee will be applied and no payment will be refunded)
  2. Free cancellation expired booking (depending on the cancellation policy of the booking a cancellation fee may be incurred and the remaining amount will be refunded. e.g. You have paid 100 USD and the cancellation fee is 20 USD, a partial amount of 80 USD will be refunded) - "Where can I find my booking cancellation policy?"

Once your booking is canceled, any vouchers or rewards you used to pay for the booking will not be included in your refund. This is true for all canceled bookings, except for those made with vouchers from a previous refund, or if you used a reward you earned through our loyalty program.

When we cancel your booking, you may have your money returned to your bank account, or returned to your HotelQuickly account via a refund voucher. If you are planning on booking again with us right away, a HotelQuickly refund voucher is the fastest way to get your money back.

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