Why can’t I redeem a voucher?


First off, thanks for trying. We know it can be frustrating if you’re trying to book a hotel but can’t redeem a code. Here are the most common reasons why redeeming a code may not work:

Invite Codes

  • You’ve already redeemed an invite code. Each HotelQuickly member can redeem just one invite code. No matter how many invite codes you’ve received, you can only pick one to redeem.
  • You’ve redeemed another code before trying to redeem an invite code. An invite code only works if it’s the first code you redeem.
  • You’re trying to redeem an invite code more than 24 hours after registering on the app. If you get an invite code, be sure to redeem with within a day of signing up for HotelQuickly (the discount is valid for longer than a day, though.)

Promo codes

  • You’re trying to redeem a code that’s only valid for first-time redemptions. Some of our promo codes can only be used if you’re a new HotelQuickly member and have never redeemed a code on your account before.
  • You’re trying to redeem multiple codes from a single promotion. Normally each HotelQuickly member can redeem just one code from a particular campaign. Check the terms and conditions where you got the promo code if you’re not sure.
  • Your promo code has already expired. All our codes have expiry dates. If you find yours is no longer valid, don’t worry! Check our Facebook page and push notifications to be first to know when we have new promotions.

If none of the scenarios above apply to you, please read our FAQs or contact our Happy Customer Team.

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