Why can’t I use some of my vouchers to make a booking?


Having difficulty booking with one of our rewards? Sorry about that. There are a couple of reasons why a reward may not work for a particular booking. Here are the most common scenarios.

  • You’re trying to use a HotelQuickly reward that’s only valid for a particular country or location. We often run promotions that are specific to one area and can’t be used in other places.
  • Your booking doesn’t meet the minimum payment or the minimum number of nights required for the HotelQuickly reward to apply.
  • You’re trying to use a HotelQuickly reward before its validity date. (Timing is everything!)
  • You’re trying to use a HotelQuickly reward to book a last-minute special deal. You can use a voucher that has been refunded to your account from a cancelled booking for this type of deal, but no other types of HotelQuickly rewards will work.
  • Credits are non-cumulative, which mean you can only select to use one credit per booking.
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