Why do I need to pay 15 USD, when I have more credit than the cost of the booking?

If you have some or all of these following vouchers in your account:

  1. a Friend Invite Voucher
  2. a Campaign voucher (which requires 15 USD minimum charge)

...and you are planning to use them for your first booking in our app, either individually or combined,

then we will require you to pay a minimum charge of 15 USD (or equivalent in your currency) for the Total Price.

But don’t worry, this restriction applies ONLY for your first booking.

For your second bookings onwards you can use your credit voucher(s) to cover 100% of the hotel price. So it can be completely free for you.

E.g 1. Booking condition when the 15 USD minimum charge apply

E.g 2. Booking condition when the credits cover 100% of the fee


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