How much credit can I use per booking?

You can use as much credit as you have to cover the full cost of your booking, with a few exceptions:

  • A minimum charge of 15 USD applies for your first booking if you’re using an invite voucher or if you’re using a promo voucher from any of our partners. From your second booking onward you can use your credit to cover the full cost of your bookings. When this is possible, the app will show ‘Free for You’ in the hotel list.
  • Some vouchers have a minimum spend required, for example a 50 USD voucher may have a minimum spend of 100 USD.
  • Friend booked voucher(s) is valid to use only from second booking onward.
  • Some vouchers have restrictions, for example some can only be used in certain countries and some can’t be used in combination with other vouchers.  For more information, please check: Why can’t use my credit to make a booking?’
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